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We set out on a mission to provide the best camping experience possible, with luxurious amenities that will make any wife happy to experience the outdoor life.  Our owner, Danny Lawler has owned various RV's and loves to travel with his wife Jackelyn and his children Joeli and Levi.   His children love the outdoors, but they are accustom to the finer things in life, like WIFI and Cable TV.  They love the outdoors, but when it's time for bed, they like a little bit of luxury.  So why not provide the best of both worlds?  In the middle of 2017, we finished our cabins and RV sites and opened for business.  The owners recently purchased property behind the Campground and built a new home there.  Danny also owns the Lawler Auction Company which he established in 1995.  In 2020, Danny constructed the God's Country Mountain View Campground and in 2022 he combined both Gavel Falls and God's Country into a single campground with the creation of the God's Country Resort.

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Cancellation Policy:  Gavel Falls Campground, LLC offers NO REFUND on bookings once they are reserved, therefore guests should not place a reservation unless they know for sure that they will be coming.  We are a small campground but stay very busy, so we turn down many customers because our cabins and RV sites are booked.  Thank you for your understanding.

We absolutely loved our stay in your cabins.  Our weekend there was so nice.  We will definitely be back soon!  Next time, we want to stay an entire week!

Your staff and accommodations were wonderful. My husband enjoyed his time at the casino while the kids and I loved spending time cooking and hanging out at the RV.

We have never stayed in such a nice RV Park, ever!  Everything was nice and new.  It was like country in the city!  Our son couldn't get over how fast your internet speed is. Thank you for a wonderful time.

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